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You’ve decided to get new carpet and you think you know exactly what style you want. But what many homeowners don’t consider is what material they should shop for? The carpet fiber you choose is as important as the style and will directly impact how long your new carpet will last and how it repels stains.
What Is Solution Dyeing?

Solution dyeing is a technique used to add color to synthetic fiber. There are many different methods used to dye carpet fibers, but essentially, they can be broken down into two categories: solution dyeing, and all other methods. This is because solution dyeing is so different from all of the other methods that it truly is in a class of its own.

How is it different?

The traditional method of dyeing fibers involves first producing the fiber and then adding the color. In traditional dyeing methods, the fiber is produced in a colorless form (called a ‘greige good’, because of its appearance of being a color somewhere between gray and beige). After production, the fiber is then dipped in the dye to add the color. (This is a very over-simplified explanation of the process, but it provides the general idea.)

The other way to dye fibers is to add the dye to the liquid fiber solution BEFORE the fibers are extruded. This allows the color to be mixed into the solution thoroughly, bringing the color all the way through the fiber once it is extruded. In this instance, picture a carrot: unlike a radish, which has color only on the outside, a solution-dyed fiber has color all the way through the fibers.

What are the benefits of Solution Dyed Carpets?

Solution-dyed fibers are some of the most colorfast in the industry. Because solution-dyed fiber has no empty dye sites (since the color goes all the way through) spills are not able to be absorbed by the fibers, and so the result is a carpet that is as close to stain-proof as is possible! Solution-dyed fibers can typically be cleaned with a mild bleach solution, making them perfect for commercial buildings and residential homes.

Whether it’s carpet you need for the office or your home’s family room or bedroom, BEC Flooring‘s experienced designers can guide you to ensure the carpet you choose is able to withstand time and whatever life may throw at it.

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