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There comes a time when you look at your house’s flooring and think, “Oh, this surely needs a new touch.” But the very next moment, you end up wondering how the process really works if you’re to get new floors installed.

Well, the first step is getting a floor installation estimate. Many homeowners step back at this point if they find out that the installation costs more than their budget.

However, the estimate for floor installation gives you an idea of how much the project might cost, how long it will take, and other key information you might need before installing the flooring.

In this blog, we’ll talk about what you can expect from a flooring installation estimate, highlighting what makes it important and what the process can be like.

What to Expect from Floor Installation Estimate?

The cost of installation

The first and most obvious factor you can expect is getting to know about the cost.

There are different factors that add up to the overall cost of the installation. And so you can expect the installation estimate to give you an idea about that.

These different factors include the cost of labor, materials, and other expenses you might experience during the process.

Once you get the written flooring estimate, then you can budget likewise. You can also determine whether you need a floor installation or want to skip it for now.

Time frame and other details

Cost is an obvious expectation that you can have from an estimate for floor installation. But there’s also more that you can figure out with these estimates.

This includes the following:

  • The timeframe
  • The flooring materials you’re considering
  • The types of rooms that you want to be re-floored

Type of Flooring

This one’s a plus.

You might decide between different flooring types, but you’re confused about which one to go with.

Now, this is where a flooring installation estimate comes into play. It can help you decide between the different options you’re considering and help you finalize an option.

The installation teams can measure the floor and give you an estimation of how much it might cost to get each of the options installed.

This can help you decide which one suits you better.

Factors that Affect Flooring Cost

Well, floor installation estimates and the flooring cost depend on various elements, and they vary.

Following are some of these elements:


One of the main factors influencing the price per square foot of flooring installation is probably the materials you choose. This ranges from contractor-grade laminate flooring and simple carpeting to the newest and greatest exotic hardwood and high-end, name-brand tile.
Look around and acknowledge the cost of each material, then locate a supplier or warehouse that can provide you with flooring at a discounted price.


Since there are several labour levels that you may choose from, labour prices will also affect the cost of installing flooring.
The cost of a contractor assigned to you from a big-box retailer will differ from that of a contractor with a small business that completes the work.
Larger stores are often more expensive, but the small-business contractor may charge more based on the specifics of the task and the location.


An essential first step in installing flooring is underlayment. Regardless of the flooring type you choose, you’ll need to account for extra expenses for padding or underlayment.
Under the carpet, padding is placed to provide extra comfort and support as well as absorb spills.
It will be available in three or four pricing ranges, ranging from basic solutions for contractors to high-end foam and cushioning.
For tile installation, underlayment is necessary to avoid uneven surfacing and cracking, while for hardwood flooring, underlayment is necessary to achieve a smooth finish and reduce foot traffic noise.

Removal and Disposal of Existing Flooring

While some contractors charge nothing for this service, others do not. Nonetheless, others might expect you’ll do it on your own or hire another company. Make sure you ask your flooring contractor about any potential expenses associated with removing and disposing of your old flooring.

Additional Materials

In addition to the underlayment, any other materials will also need to be considered.
This is especially true for hardwood floors, where installing trim, quarter rounds, nose molding, and other items may require additional wood.
If you place the material orders instead of your contractor, you might wish to budget for 10% to 15% additional wood for incidentals.
Even though purchasing the materials yourself could be less expensive, your project might not turn out as planned if you don’t know how to estimate extras and get the correct items.

Size of Flooring Needed

One of the most expensive home improvement projects usually involves installing flooring.
Your expenses will vary depending on the size of the floor or surface being installed.
For example, 2,000 square feet of hardwood installation will cost a lot more than 200 square feet of bathroom tile.

The Function of the Area

When choosing flooring, put functionality first.
Your selection of flooring to meet your demands can be influenced by the size and design of your house. When choosing a material for your room, you must consider price and durability.


In conclusion, starting off with a floor installation project in Alpharetta, GA, comes with a crucial initial step – the estimate.

This process involves comprehensively evaluating your flooring needs, considering factors such as materials and labor.

A reputable flooring professional in Alpharetta will provide detailed insights, transparent cost breakdowns, and a clear timeline during the estimate.

This crucial step sets the expectations for the project and establishes a foundation for a successful collaboration between you and the flooring experts.

By understanding what to expect during a floor installation estimate, you can get a better flooring installation process, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience from inception to completion.

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