Choosing The Best Flooring For Every Room

Flooring is an integral part of your home, whether buying a new home or building a new one. This is because apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, flooring enhances the air quality and adds value to your home, two of the critical factors of a house. Whereas, with the best flooring option available in the flooring store in Alpharetta, GA, it is hard to decide which one is the most suitable. Furthermore, it is also advisable to go forward with different options for different rooms depending on the conditions of the rooms, such as sun exposure, wind exposure, dust, etc. Here in this guide, we have tried our best to help you choose the perfect flooring for every room in your house.

Kitchen & Mudroom

Kitchens and mudrooms are your house’s most used rooms, requiring the hardest-working floors. Often raincoats drip, grit-covered shoes grind in the dirt, back and forth dragging of the chair, etc., are exposed to the kitchen’s or mudroom’s floor. In such cases, wood flooring doesn’t come as a perfect choice (even though it is the most aesthetic choice). Instead, a perfect fit will be porcelain tile.

The different range of styles enables porcelain tile to fit any décor. Porcelain tiles are the only flooring option that has outperformed every other flooring material, which experts tested against scratching, and dents from light objects such as falling utensils, etc. At the same time, the additional benefit of porcelain tiles is that they are low maintenance, which means that mopping and vacuuming are enough for cleaning them. It is still better to acknowledge one caution about porcelain tile: its vulnerability to heavy objects falling on it. Heavy objects falling on porcelain tiles can lead to a crack on them.

Bathroom & Laundry Room

Challenges faced by bathroom and laundry room flooring are pretty different than those mentioned above and are in the form of water/liquid. Floors in bathrooms and laundry rooms don’t face the same issues as kitchens or mudrooms. The bathroom and laundry room often have problems like overflow toilets, shower drips, water splashes, etc. In such cases, porcelain tile again wins the game as tiles hold up well in wet places. The only problem you might encounter is the slipperiness when wet floors, but this has a solution if you choose a more textured tile instead of one with a highly polished surface.

Dining, Living & Family Rooms

Even though it is true that wood floor is vulnerable to stiletto heels, toys with wheels, pet claws, etc. but it is also true that for dining, living, and family rooms, any other material might feel substandard. Wood floors add value to your home, which is why real estate ads often mention wood floors and are the top choice of people buying from the Best Flooring Store Alpharetta GA. Whereas there also lies a wide range of wood flooring options, choosing from them is a real challenge. The top choice for wood floors is solid wood, which means prefinished wood flooring, and unfinished wood flooring, which is finished and sanded on-site.

There are many reasons to choose prefinished planks. The first reason is that you won’t need to dust from fumes or sand from content to finish during installation. Secondly, prefinished flooring is also cost-effective and affordable. The third and most important reason is that prefinished planks are significantly tougher-wearing compared to the floor installed by your contractor.

Furthermore, you may also opt for engineered wood as a second option for these rooms. Engineered wood resembles solid wood but has a thin finished wood veneer attached to a plywood-like substrate. Moreover, it also comes with different significant benefits over solid wood, and the very first is that it is cheaper than prefinished solid wood. Secondly, if you opt for an engineered product, you might also find an exotic wood species. Thirdly, they are less susceptible to seasonal swelling and shrinking because the underlying support structure design is more stable than solid wood. Lastly, there is only a one-time need for refinishing some engineered products, unlike solid wood, which requires refinishing four or five times.

Enclosed Porch or Sunroom

Your porch’s floor may be subjected to sunshine and rain, depending on its exposure. Additionally, suppose the floor is in a three-season room. In that case, you may have to deal with freeze-thaw cycles, recreational equipment storage, concrete flooring (which restricts your options because you can’t nail planks directly to it), and other issues like these.

The top choice for these rooms is porcelain tile, which is the top choice because of its durability against the exposure that comes with these rooms. Furthermore, with faux wood and stone, the manufacturing and designing of porcelain tiles ensure they look like handmade ceramic tiles, giving a welcoming sense to these rooms. If your porch isn’t fully protected and heated, ensure that you choose a tile with the ratings for outdoor use in your climate.


When talking about the basement, it is significant that you install a “floating floor.” A floating floor is a floor that doesn’t attach to the subfloor below. The top choice in this matter is Vinyl flooring is the ideal material for basements that get exposed to recurring wetness, such as moisture that seeps through the subfloor or water that pools due to storms or plumbing issues. Porcelain and vinyl, which don’t contain wood fibers, are the best choices for such worse conditions. It would be best to acknowledge that porcelain tile feels uncomfortably cold underfoot, especially in your basement. This then makes vinyl flooring the ultimate best choice for your basement flooring.

Whichever flooring choice you make for each room, you must seek professional help for floor installation. While for this, Beck Flooring could be your number-one choice as we work with highly skilled and experienced individuals who ensure the best floor installation for each room with proper guidance and maintenance checks.

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