Best Flooring Options For 2022

Top Flooring Trends in 2022

Congratulations if you’re finally ready to start the remodeling project of your dreams! This is an exciting time for homeowners like you who want to personalize your area. You will join hundreds of thousands of Americans working on giving their living area a new look. Recent years have seen an increase in home renovations, and 2022 will be no exception.
We have listed all of the significant flooring trends for 2022 to get you started. This overview will assist you in choosing a design that is both cutting-edge and fashionable.

Lived-in Hardwood

Homeowners favor designs with authenticity and character throughout their interiors, and flooring is no exception. Recently, texture has gained popularity as a detail, and many people employ it to give their hardwood floors a worn-in, distressed appearance.

Hand-Scraped Wood Texture

Wood floors that have been hand-scraped exhibit minor but deliberate evidence of aging and wear. Finishes with extensive, deeply ingrained scrapes, knotholes, and scuffs contribute to creating this distinctive texture, which has a handcrafted appearance and lots of character.

Wire-Brushed Wood Texture

Wire-brushed wood, a method for producing the appearance of worn-in hardwood, is produced by making minor yet deliberate wire scratches. As a result, the surface appears to have exposed, distressed wood, giving it the aged, informal texture that homeowners enjoy.

Bleached and Blanched Wood

You’ll like this year’s trend of bleached wood floors if you don’t like the appearance of dark, glossy hardwood floors. These softer, lighter wood floors receive their color from blanching, a bleaching procedure that turns the wood into a washed-out, ashy white tone. The final product keeps the surface’s natural wood grain, preserving all of the timeless beauty of natural wood flooring.
Your home can feel bigger, brighter, and more relaxed with the help of bleached wood floors. Expect to see this trend in oceanfront homes because white-washed floors complement coastal or beachy interior designs depending on the shade you select.

Wood and Stone Look-Alike Flooring

Homeowners use flooring that mimics wood and stone to improve their spaces as excellent; the modern decor is becoming increasingly popular. Expect to see more of these types in 2022, whether you want to add a touch of luxury with a more decorative style like marble-look floors or replicate the natural, lived-in aesthetic of hardwood with wood-look tile.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is incredibly customizable and available in various designs and styles. It’s less prone to cracks, scratches, and water damage because of its insensitive wear layer, which is why it’s becoming more and more well-liked among homeowners.

This year’s trend in LVT includes vinyl flooring in Alpharetta, GA, with a marble-like appearance. Marble is ideal for providing your home with a sense of high-end luxury without the additional cost of genuine marble and may be used with both traditional and modern-contemporary styles.

Luxury Vinyl Planks in the Kitchen

Wood-like luxury vinyl plank flooring Alpharetta is the best option for recreating the appearance of authentic hardwood floors without maintenance, a trend among homeowners who want the look of hardwood flooring in their kitchens.

Waterproof Laminate

Convenience and functionality are now equally vital to aesthetics in flooring. In 2022, waterproof laminate floors have become more well-liked, not simply because of their alluringly low prices.
Waterproof laminate floors have a water-resistant layer that guards against moisture damage to the surface and subfloors. This wear layer has exceptional scratch resistance, sometimes even better than some kinds of vinyl flooring. As a result, it’s a fantastic solid hardwood flooring Alpharetta GA substitute that’s also pet-friendly.

Hand-Scraped Engineered Wood

Like lived-in hardwood floors are a significant trend for 2022, engineered wood floors are also. Previously exclusively available on solid hardwood, hand-scraped and wire-brushed textures are now employed on many types of flooring to produce the aged, distressed effect that is so trendy this year.
The potential to attain the same character as natural hardwood while having better durability and cost is one of the appeals of engineered wood flooring. Engineered flooring may instantly improve your house by featuring hand-scraped finishes and grained textures. Because of how they are made, they offer an amazingly realistic hardwood appearance. The top layer is a natural hardwood veneer, so you can experience the precise details that give wood floors their distinctive, handcrafted appearance.

Light Blondes and Whites

Blonde wood (or wood-look materials) and those mentioned above bleached and blanched wood hues will emerge more as the top flooring of choice as homeowners desire a brighter, airier feel in their interiors. These flooring options also go well with various decorating styles, whether you want a stylish contemporary appearance, a rustic farmhouse vibe, or something else entirely.

Contemporary Grays and Blues

Gray has become very fashionable lately, not just for flooring but also for houses and kitchens overall, continuing the cool tones trend. Grays and charcoals are great neutral backdrops for decor styles in almost any color because they encapsulate the relaxed, contemporary style that has swept over the world of home design.
Expect to see cool-toned stone flooring at a flooring store in Alpharetta, GA, that is incredibly adaptable for people who like the look of natural stone over wood floors. These fantastic, contemporary tones may be used in various ways to give your home a modern edge without being overpowering, such as greys blended with beige neutrals, light blues, and greens or contrasting them with bright, vibrant colors.

Distressed Concrete Tiles

Concrete is coming back in 2022 because of its sophisticated applications and modern materials. Distressed concrete tile adds an edge to the sleek, contemporary design trend that has swept over this year, even if stone aesthetics are already traditionally stunning. Cool grey concrete flooring is a functional solution for a sleek and contemporary home for homeowners looking for alternatives to conventional hardwood floors. The faded texture of concrete tile minimizes the highly polished image and instead generates the worn-out, lived-in design trend, which is ideal if your taste is firmly on the edgy side. It also complements the look of an industrial warehouse and blends well with almost any color.

We know that you have various flooring options, but knowing the distinctions between the essential features can help you make an informed choice. Remember to keep your lifestyle in mind when you examine the color and look.

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