How the Luxury Vinyl Tile Wear Layer Protects Your New Floors

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Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is becoming a popular choice for homes and businesses lately. And for all the right reasons. Durability, resistance, easy maintenance, and many of its features make LVT wear layers good for your new floors.

But what exactly is it? And how does it protect your new floors?  

The wear layer is the top surface of luxury vinyl tile flooring. It is a clear protective layer that shields its underneath decorative layer. The thickness of this wear layer can vary but typically ranges from 6 to 20 mil for residential use. And 20 to 40+ mil for commercial use. 


The thicker the wear layer, the more durable and resilient the flooring.

Next Door Flooring helps you explore the wear layer of luxury vinyl tile in more detail. We’ll discuss how LVT wear layers protect your new floors. And where should you install it?

So, without any further ado, let’s get into this.

How An LVT Wear Layer Protects Your New Floors

There are a few key features that make the LVT wear layer ideal for your new floors. This includes its ability to resist scratches, stains, dents, UV rays, and water. Plus, they are very easy to maintain. So people don’t normally hesitate to give it a chance. Let’s discuss in detail these features of the LVT wear layer through which they protect your new floors.

Resistance to Wear and Tear

The wear layer creates a durable surface that prevents your new floors from premature wear and tear. If you install thicker wear layers of 20 mils and above, you can rest easy. Because they are extremely resilient against heavy foot traffic, indentation, and daily use. 

This saves them from any wear and tear. Even if your floors are aging, you can still maintain their stability and appearance with a quality LVT wear layer. 

Scratch Resistance 

Luxury vinyl wear layers provide your barrier against scratches, scuffs, and abrasions. When scratches occur, the wear layer does its job. By preventing them from reaching the decorative layer underneath. You can simply buff away the minor scratches. And if your wear layer is thicker, your floors will be automatically safe with this layer’s enhanced scratch-resistant features.

Stain Resistance

Spills happen. But LVT wear layers make it easy to clean them up. This protective coating prevents stains from seeping into your flooring. And avoid ruining the decorative print layer. You can keep your floors looking fresh by mopping up the mess instantly.

UV Resistance 

Sunlight streaming through your windows can cause your flooring to fade. They can also discolor or degrade over time. Quality LVT wear layers block 99% of these UV rays to prevent sun damage. This way, you can maintain the rich colors and designs of your floors.

Water Resistance

Water spills, rainfalls, storms, and other water accidents. Your floors can be exposed to anything at any time. You have to get them ready for such incidents by adding a protective wear layer. 

The LVT wear layers keep water and moisture from penetrating below the surface. Where it could warp or expand your floors. Properly installed LVT can even withstand flooding.

Easy Maintenance

The LVT wear layers are durable and have protective properties. This allows these floors to be cleaned easily. From daily sweeping and mopping to occasional waxing or recoating. These wear layers maintain the strength and beauty of your floors. 

With all these protective benefits, luxury vinyl tile wear layers give you floors that can handle real life with minimal fuss. You just need to choose the right thickness for your needs. And enjoy lasting quality underfoot for years to come.

Benefits of The LVT Wear Layer 

The wear layer is the major component of luxury vinyl tile flooring. It’s a protective coating providing a lot of pros. With so many perks, the LVT wear layer is integral to giving you beautiful, resilient floors that last. Once you understand the features and benefits of wear layers, you can pick the perfect LVT flooring.

Durability – The wear layer creates a durable surface. That helps it resist scratches, dents, staining, and excessive wear and tear, even under heavy foot traffic. If you are using thicker wear layers of 20 mil+, you can’t imagine the highest level of quality they provide. 

Easy Maintenance – The protective qualities of the wear layer allow LVT floors to be cleaned easily. With little more than sweeping and damp mopping. This makes care and upkeep simple.

Waterproofing – Properly installed LVT can resist water, thanks to the surface barrier of the wear layer. This makes it ideal for damp basements or bathrooms. 

Hygienic – The wear layer creates a sealed surface that deters the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew. This makes LVT flooring ideal for hospitals.

Affordability Quality LVT floors with thick wear layers provide durability at affordable prices compared to natural stone or hardwood.

Where To Install LVT Wear Layer

Luxury vinyl tile flooring with a durable wear layer is a versatile choice. Suitable for nearly any room in your home. Here are some top locations to install LVT:

Kitchens  – The waterproof and stain-resistant qualities make the LVT wear layer a smart pick for kitchen installations. The wear layer stands up to spills, moisture, and heavy traffic.  

Bathrooms LVT can withstand splashes and humidity in bathrooms due to its waterproof wear layer. Coupled with its slip-resistant textures, LVT is an ideal bathroom flooring. 

Basements LVT is a great option for basements prone to moisture. The wear layer resists water damage while providing durability against concrete. 

Laundry Rooms – The high moisture levels of laundry rooms are no match for LVT floors. The wear layer wipes clean easily while preventing stains. 

The Bottom Line

 To sum up our discussion, we suggest when you shop for luxury vinyl tile flooring, pay attention to the thickness of the wear layer. It’s a protective coating that shields your floors. From any type of damage, whether it’s from water spills and stains or UV rays from the sun. We discussed all the features and benefits of these LVT wear layers. And also suggested you areas to install them. Scroll through our blog section to learn more about flooring.

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